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Hiring Excavation Contractors Near Frederick Maryland? DMAC has a suite of solutions depending on your land clearing excavation needs. Take a look at the list below and find how we can help your project today.

Flood Mitigation

Floods can cause irreparable structural damage. Frequent floods and negative grading can lead to many problems — structural damage, basement flooding,  electrical damage and risks, sanitary hazards and diseases from standing water and choked drainage.

Excavating and Land Clearing

Planning to expand your company’s building to increase revenue? Or are you looking for someone to provide you with a stronger foundation for your own house?

Let’s help with everything you need to know before beginning the construction of your company or house.

Foundation Contracting

Looking for an experienced foundation contractor near you but unsure where and how to look? Let us help you make the first step. The foundation of the house that stands — both on the ground and on the market.

Large grading machine

Land Grading Services

Land grading, mostly known as land leveling, is simply, as its name suggests – to make a ground of an equal level, free of any lumps and bumps.

This can be done either by filling up dirt where the surface is uneven or digging a hole to create a slope. The former stands contrary to land grading’s name but is still highly utilized as a land grading method.

Pool Building

There are many steps that go into creating your dream pool and it starts with understanding what is under the ground.  DigDmac is able to help in making the right decisions before the process begins.

Trenching and Digging

Land trenching, yard digging, yard leveling, or yard shaping are all the correct terms used for leveling up the ground to make it more even — seamless. A trench is defined as an excavation man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in the Earth’s surface formed by removing the earth itself.